See Fake Science In Real Maryland!

Greetings from Maryland

We’ve all thought to ourselves, “I wish I could see one of the 7,000 Fake Science Lab employees speak words in person. Preferably somewhere near the American capital city.”

We’ve heard your cries and answered them.

At Saturday’s FREE Gaithersburg Book Festival, chief transcriber Phil Edwards will be representing Fake Science and Fake Science 101.

Located just outside of DC, you can see the panel with Phil Edwards, Lauren Leto, and Sarah Schmelling. They’ll be at the Gertrude Stein Pavilion at 4:15 on Saturday.

From 5:25 to 6, Edwards will be illegibly signing copies of Fake Science 101, as well as:

  • Copies of Stephen Hawking Books
  • Babies
  • Petitions to Get The Robinsons To Cut Down That Tree That Blocks All The Sunlight
  • Used Napkins

We hope to see you there. Of course, if you can’t make it, e-mail us and we’ll tell you where to send your used napkins for signing.

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