You’re A Scientist (Make Your Own Mistakes, Volume 1)

So many mistakes, so little time.

You're A Scientist!
Raptors: Gorgeous, frail

You must be the mistakes you wish to see in the world.

  • 44 possible deaths await!
  • Most well-developed supporting character is a beaker sponge.
  • Pages in order, completely.
  • Digital and print version are both silent, allowing you a moment of piece.

Join the Lab you’ve loved forever/heard about eight minutes ago

For years, you’ve dreamed about finding gainful employment within the Fake Science Labs, but you’ve only been able to fantasize about it in the darkness, alone, the covers over your body.

Now you can do the same, but with a book light or in front of a glowing screen.

Algeria the mouste

Algeria the hyper-intelligent mouse has one request: read this book or die.

This interactive book lets you finally make mistakes instead of having some “author” make them all for you. As you journey through the excitement of life in the Lab, you’ll finally feel empowered to hurtle yourself toward science.

Whether you embark upon your mistake-making in a free digital version or affordable and beautiful print copy, one thing will be the same: you will have made a terrible mistake.

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It’s time to admit that you are capable of mistakes: terrible, terrible mistakes.

This is your new dreamscape.

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