Five Awesome Science Shows Coming To Discovery

Discovery just released their 2015 schedule…and it’s a good one! We’ve handpicked the five hottest science programs coming in the new year.

  1. Three Hours Of Anaconda Stock Video Footage
    In Three Hours of Some Anaconda Stock Video Footage, you won’t believe the amazing snake shots that Discovery purchased from a major stock video warehouse. You’ll marvel at the nifty editing, the graceful segue-ways to commercials, and the occasionally still-visible watermarks. Most of all, you’ll be asking: will the anaconda do something in hour three? There’s only one way to find out!
  2. What If Cavemen Were Sexy?This new special asks the question we’ve all been wondering: What if Grog and Ug were hotties? Using cutting edge CGI, loin cloths, and the paleo diet, you’ll see cavemen in an entirely new way. By the end, you’ll be thinking, “What if they were sexy? That would definitely make them sexy!”
  3. Mr. Gerbil, Are You My Daddy?In a heartrending four part miniseries, a 31 year old man named Richard Karel asks a simple question: could a gerbil be his father? He’ll consult biologists, genetics experts, and gerbils to find the truth. The results may shock you (if you believe that gerbils and humans can procreate).
  4. Mythbusters BustersGet ready: We’re going to bust all your Mythbuster myths! Think Jamie and Adam are friends in real life? We’ll test their relationship and find out that their once solid friendship is now a sterile work relationship! Do you believe that production assistants on the show are underpaid? We’ll prove that it’s true!
  5. Hot Motocross Art Thieves Who Remember Sixth Grade Science Surprisingly WellDiscovery’s hottest new science show follows a group of hot motocross art thieves who still remember the basics of photosynthesis! It’s one of the most exciting science shows of all time. Though most of the show is dedicated to heists, sweet jumps, and romance, occasionally these biking hotties recall the difference between sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Science just got awesome again!


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